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Personal Trainer/Coach leading athletes in line drills on a football field

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? The Champions Certifications Student Handbook can answer them.

Peruse the questions below for answers to frequently asked questions.

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FAQ: Welcome

What is unique or different about the Champions Certification program?

Champions Certifications is more than just a certification program. Like many other certification programs, Champions will give you the knowledge to instruct others with regard to physical training and healthy lifestyle behavior. Furthermore, this program is a vessel to share biblical principles that lead to the making of champions. It will equip professionals with the knowledge, wisdom, and discipline to make more champions.

What CPR/AED certifications are accepted?

There is no one accepted CPR/AED certification. However the certification should be either an in person, hands-on program or should have a hands-on component as a requirement for certification. It would be worthwhile to research American Heart Association or Red Cross when choosing a CPR/AED Certification.

Where can I access the Champions CPT program materials?

Upon enrolling in the course, you will be prompted to make an account. This account will be your personal account where you will have access to study materials, practice questions and information about the certification exam. 

How do I schedule my final exam?

On your account page, there is a "Request final exam" button. This will lead to a form which you will submit and await approval for the final exam.

What is included in the program?

With the Champions Certification Program, you will receive the study materials necessary to learn the fundamentals of personal training, including study questions and quizzes. Additionally, you will also receive a membership ID, a Champions t-shirt, promotional page, and access to a professional Champions Certifications email address that is valid for one year. These add-ons can be renewed after the year has expired.

How often do I need to renew my certification?

Champions Personal Trainers need to renew their certification annually. This is required every year to ensure that Champions Certified Trainers are equipped with the most updated information in the industry so that they can continue to provide quality service to their clients. 

What is required to become Champions Certified?

In order to become a Champions Certified Personal Trainer, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid CPR/AED Certification.

Is there a practice exam?

No, there is not a practice exam. However, there are end of chapter quizzes that are required to ensure learning retention and acquaint you with the material that is on the final exam.

Who sees my score?

No one sees your score. Champions Certifications does not release or publicize any scores. You will contacted via email about your results.

When do I receive my certificate and membership ID?

The official certificate and membership ID will be mailed to the mailing address provided your personal Champions account page. It will be mailed 4-6 weeks after passing the final exam. 

How long does it take to complete the course?

3-4 months depending on your level of familiarity with the material. The length of time to complete will also depend on how intensely you study. If you have a background in exercise science or any related field, it is likely that the length of time taken to complete the program will be shorter.

Does the course expire?

No, the program does not expire once purchased. As long as you have an account, you will have access to the material for you to use and reference as you see fit.

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