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The Next Level Internship

The Next Level Internship is designed for high school seniors and college students interested in careers in coaching, personal training, or related healthcare fields.  

This comprehensive program equips participants with the skills to excel as exceptional personal trainers and coaches. Our focus lies in nurturing individuals who possess a fervent dedication to guiding clients and athletes towards the realization of their individualized health and fitness aspirations.

About the Internship

Hands-on Experience

Improve your proficiency in anatomy, program design, and exercise training techniques.

Spiritual Growth

Deepen your relationship with God through daily devotionals and prayer.

Professional Development

Learn simple skills that employers want in their ideal employees.

How to apply

To apply for a spot in the Next Level Internship, please complete the application form below. 

Submit the application in the COGI office: 135 N Stevens Street, Thomasville, GA 31792

or via email:

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