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Is a desk job causing your clients to experience lower back pain?

Do their past injuries leave them in constant need of pain relief?

You help your clients relieve pain with an age-old concept called STRETCHING. 


If you’ve played any sport or been in a fitness setting, you'd know that stretching is probably the most dreaded part of any workout. Though it is simple, it is often an unpleasant experience. However, stretching shouldn’t be painful. It should feel like a beautiful release for the muscles. It should be an experience that relaxes the body rather than keeps us in fight or flight mode.


Allow us to introduce our newest certification program, Champions Stretch!


Champions Stretch is a program for certified personal trainers, nurses, coaches, occupational therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. We can all benefit from stretching and mobilizing our bodies daily. This program will teach you how to stretch your clients to help them move and feel better. 


Stretching has numerous benefits for the body and helps us perform better and move more optimally during the day. When we can move and perform better, we can own our day and win! 


Enroll today to become a Champions Certified Stretch Professional and help your clients win their day!

Certified Stretch Professional Certification

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